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Bespoke Software SolutionsBespoke Software built just for YOU.

There are times when an off the shelf software solution will simply  not do. Of course, modern off the shelf packages are often highly  configurable and customisable, but you may require a fresh and innovative solution, tailored to your specific needs. Bespoke software allows for this and can provide you with a key competitive advantage.

Here at IT Services uk, we believe that the key to a successful bespoke solution is close collaboration with you. As a long established and  proven software developer we apply clear thinking to both your design  needs and functional needs. Our project team will listen to you and work closely with you throughout the process, gathering requirements and  delivering software releases in an iterative fashion. This agile  approach allows both parties to be fully involved with the process of  creating high quality, results focussed software. Iterative and agile  approaches are designed to create the best possible software, constantly re-prioritising requirements to keep the focus on functionality that  will benefit your organisation. Our agile approach to software  development is detailed further in our Bluewave project management methodology.

Bluewave has been specifically designed to ensure:

  • The delivered solution is the one that brings the greatest benefit to your business
  • Change is supported to ensure the solution meets the business need
  • Robust and appropriate architecture
  • Achieve benefits from the investment as early as possible
  • Quality is a key consideration at all steps of the process
  • User adoption is maximised, further increasing business benefits
  • The solution is delivered on time and on budget
  • The project is managed in an open and transparent manner
  • Training and support is appropriate for each customer and each project.

We have experience of developing bespoke solutions across a whole  range of industries. We are also happy to work with third party development teams or with your own IT department if appropriate. We can  offer a full cradle to grave service for the lifecycle of an application and once live, our solutions are fully supported through our highly  experienced help desk team.

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