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Business Intelligence should provide you with better decision making  and lead to increased revenues and/or reduced costs. Before embarking on any Business Intelligence project however, you should consider a  number of key factors that will allow you to better frame and scope your requirements. This will ultimately lead to you selecting the
right tools for the job.

For example, how many of your users need Business Intelligence, and  do these users require self service tools to allow them to build their  own data sets, or do they need access to pre-defined data sets? The  skill-set of your users is something to consider here as Business  Intelligence solutions are becoming easier to use which can reduce the  reliance on internal IT Departments. You may have heard the phrase  "Business Intelligence for the masses" and this long held dream is now  becoming a reality for many organisations.

Additionally, data warehousing and the whole extract, transform and  load (ETL) process should be subjected to a logical and rational thought process, not least due to the fact that streamlined processes are more  readily available than ever before. It is vital to stop and consider  exactly what data is required, how it can be accessed successfully and  how to make it usable.

At Perfect Image we can offer a range of Business Intelligence  solutions and allows us to help you with weighing up the various factors involved, help you make sense of the process, and arrive at a realistic approach to business intelligence that can help you navigate through  this difficult financial period.


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