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CRMHow many business benefits have you seen claimed  for a CRM System? Unlike our competitors, we will not claim that a CRM  system alone will deliver benefits to your business.

We understand that no matter how powerful a CRM system is, it will  bring no benefits in itself. A successfully implemented CRM solution is  achieved through a highly tailored combination of technology and  services - delivering benefits that are unique to you organisation.

Essential to this success is our willingness to integrate with your  existing business teams and work with you to identify and implement the  right solution in the right way, challenging you to improve processes  and helping your staff adapt to change.

Taking this realistic and consultative approach as well as utilising  our robust project and development methodologies, we will deliver a  solution that provides the benefits you need, supporting relevant  business change and implementing a powerful platform for future growth.

Are you looking to boost the success rate from  your investment in marketing, improve lead generation and sales  conversion rates or increase customer retention and satisfaction?

Today, there are a great many CRM solutions available, each bring  their own benefits depending on the available budget and technical and  functional requirements. Ranging from simple CRM solutions accessed as  you would a website, to large, highly bespoke systems. Choosing the  correct CRM solution can be a daunting task.

Despite all of this choice, we find one solution, Microsoft Dynamics  CRM, coupled with Perfect Image's deep understanding of the system and  businesses in general, can be readily tailored to bring the greatest  benefit to the widest range of users.

Microsoft Dynamic CRM’s comprehensive marketing, sales and service  management functionality adapted to your requirements via extensive  customisation, bespoke development and powerful workflow capabilities,  ensures that this one system has the power to deliver on the CRM  promise. As well as its extensive functionality, Dynamics CRM benefits  from using advanced, industry standard technology that builds on the  systems that you already have in place.

To understand how Microsoft Dynamics CRM could benefit your organisation, request a call back from one of our experienced business consultants. We will take some  time to understand your business and answer your questions, before  presenting you with realistic feedback about how this product may  benefit you.

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