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Do you need IT Services in Bootle? Then let IT Services UK be your IT Services partner.

IT Services-uk your IT partner“To deliver a level of customer service that  is unequalled in the IT Market today.”

Who are we?

For 21years  IT Services-uk, a North of England-based IT infrastructure company, have been transforming small, medium and large sized businesses working as their technology partner for IT Services in Bootle.
We're here to design and deliver IT solutions, services and strategies that drive your Bootle based organisation forward.

We realise that being able to deliver great solutions is only one part of what you want from us, you also want somebody who can help you decide what solutions you should be looking for in the first place and how to deliver them. The business and technical knowledge in our company is very broad based and we have helped a wide range of companies align their IT systems and delivery with their business needs. From large corporations and public sector organisations to high tech start-ups, we are used to working hand-in-hand with senior management teams and IT departments to shape your IT to provide the best possible value.

Why choose us?
Why choose us?

IT Services-uk realises that a Bootle business’s infrastructure is the backbone of the organisation and In today’s tough economic climate, it is ever more important for businesses to have a strong competitive advantage in order to survive. This can be achieved with effective business planning and by having a reliable and innovative IT infrastructure in place, supplied and maintained by our company.
Many new clients join us each month and the first step of the partnership is to advise and agree what should be done in the short, medium and long term in regards to their IT infrastructure. This careful planning ensures our clients are always getting good value for money and fully understand how we plan to move their business forward.
Over the last few years there have been increasing pressures to cut down on unnecessary business expenses and streamline business processes. 

Having the right IT infrastructure in place will help to improve customer satisfaction, increase staff morale and efficiency, increase competitiveness, reduce costs and help make the business more adaptable to change.

One of the best
Our business partners

IT Services-uk advantages.

Our dedication to innovation has put us at the forefront of IT service provision. Here are just a few of the advantages we can deliver:-

  1. Un-rivalled customer service.
  2. Unparalleled accountability and insight.
  3. Superior skills matching.
  4. Proactive management.
  5. Open, flexible attitude.


Some of the qualities which make us different from the rest:-

  1. Business savvy.
  2. Performance first.
  3. Intelligent feedback.
  4. Broad industry knowledge.
  5. Thinking out of the box.
  6. Broad skills base.
  7. Very high-calibre staff.
  8. Personal service
  9. Long lasting relationships.
  10. Focus on feedback.
  11. Regular reviews..

IT Services-uk works with a wide range of customers, from a variety of business spheres, and the main sectors are:-

  1. Professional Services
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Pharmaceuticals
  4. Construction
  5. Retail
  6. Business Services
  7. Health Services
  8. Public Authorities
  9. Hi-Tec Startups
  10. Distribution
  11. Transportation

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Your Bootle Based company’s IT systems are there for only one reason - to make your organisation better.

We realise that being able to deliver great IT services in Bootle is only one part of what you want from us, you also want somebody who can help you decide what IT solutions you should be looking for in the first place and how to deliver them.
As you can see, we have had experience of successfully supporting many types of customer, which is why we are confident that we can match your requirements too.
So, if you are wanting any further information regarding how we can help take your in Bootle company forward, using tried and tested IT solutions and IT services, then please get in touch:-

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