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Local GovernmentLocal government in England

Saving resources, improving services

Our local government team offers a wealth of experience and  knowledge of the specific challenges within this sector. We understand  both your current requirements and issues and how they may develop in  the future. We also have the cutting-edge IT development expertise  required to supply the type of systems that can best address the needs  of the market.

Especially in the current economic climate, local authorities are  under pressure to make savings through efficiency and shared services,  while preventing any drop in service levels due to public expectations.  Accessible, secure, high-volume and high-availability information  management systems can help local authorities improve their services  while effectively supporting their citizens.

As specialists in this sector, we participate in national  t-Government initiatives and standards committees, allowing us to  integrate best practice and new concepts into our solutions.

IT Services uk turn specialist knowledge into local government solutions

We work closely with our customers to continually improve and  direct the way services are delivered. We have developed a flexible  suite of applications to simplify information access and integration within each local authority. Our applications allow you to:


Provide more accessible and convenient services that enhance social inclusion


Provide citizens with a central point of access to many local government services


Enable online service delivery to help drive efficiency savings


Reduce major systems investment by using a modular architecture (each  module can work in isolation or sit within an integrated system)

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