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Mobile AppsMobile Apps - the future!

The combined sales of smart-phones and tablets have overtaken the sales of PCs. You may have noticed your own use of mobile devices reflecting this.
The creation of a mobile website may seem an easy way to address this change; however, you may also wish to consider creating a mobile app. This is something that has significantly reduced in cost and has increasing benefits to both businesses and their customers.

Mobile applications can be one of the best ways to keep your consumers engaged with your brand and information as they are on the move. The first thing you have to decide is if you actually need one.

A few key questions you should ask are, ‘am I trying to reach the most amount of people possible? and ‘do I have requirements that cannot be satisfied by a mobile website?’ If the answer is ‘yes’ to either of these then it is likely that a mobile app is the right solution.

Some of the most successful apps deliver the following:

  1. Entertainment/gaming;
  2. Content (news, sports scores etc);
  3. Utility (something that simplifies a typically difficult task);
  4. Transactional (ability to purchase directly on the app).

At IT Services uk we take a consultative approach to help you understand, first of all, if a mobile app is the right solution for you, and secondly, what a solution would look like and cost.

Some of the technologies we have invested in include the Sencha platform and PhoneGap. These offer our clients the advantage of addressing multiple mobile OS with a significant reduction in effort and cost compared to a traditional approach of native app development

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