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Systems IntegrationSystems Integration - integrated solutions can bring improved efficiency and better information for your business.

Over time many organisations have purchased and implemented  disparate applications that aren't linked to each other and use  differing technologies. The end result of this is that processes being  conducted across an organisation require staff to rekey information from one system to another which is less efficient and error prone.

IT Services uk has delivered many successful  integration projects  over the years, aided by our experience of a variety of technologies,  systems and business environments. We work with our clients to find the  most pragmatic and beneficial solutions for their organisations, using  the most appropriate technology for each situation.

For complex system architectures, we can develop best of breed service orientated architectures for our clients, that enable seamless integration of multiple existing  systems, whilst allowing for flexibility for future expansion. Microsoft Biz Talk is one example of a product we use to enable complex solutions such as these to be realised.


BizTalk has been Microsoft's flagship integration product since its introduction in 2000.

It is a highly capable, proven system that has been used by  thousands of organisations across the world to integrate a wide variety  of disparate systems and it forms the backbone of many companies'  software infrastructure. It has been widely adopted due to its highly  capable toolset, fit with other Microsoft products, standards compliance and cost of ownership.

An implementation of BizTalk can differ greatly in its scale  according to the nature of the architecture that is delivered for you.  In general it is used to deliver a solution that falls into one or more  of the following three categories:


Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) which encompasses SOA


B2B connectivity between organisations


Business Process Management (BPM)

Many customers have benefited from a successfully developed  Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture using BizTalk. The ESB  architecture is now seen as the most appropriate approach to use for  implementing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) across an  organisation.

In response to this, Microsoft’s Patterns & Practice team  launched their 'ESB Guidance' to help customers implement an ESB using  BizTalk. In June 2009, this was taken a step further with Microsoft's  launch of the BizTalk ESB Toolkit.

IT Services uk has developed expertise in the use and deployment of  BizTalk into a number of corporate and enterprise environments, and we  are happy to discuss any requirements you might have. We have an  advanced, modern delivery methodology to ensure that you get the best  outcome for your business and we will provide you with a highly  proficient delivery team covering project management, design,  development, training and support services.

From idea to reality, we will assess your requirements and deliver the best solution for your brief.

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