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Web Solutions


The Internet has never been a more vitally important tool in business than it is today.

The opportunities it offers to your business are vast, and it is  important that you make the most of what is on offer. Our years of  experience allow us to build flexible, scalable and accessible  solutions, from basic websites, to full online eCommerce stores, to  Extranet collaboration platforms.



Empower your business to take control of its website and content


Comprehensive online stores for any size of business


Portals & Collaboration
Communication and collaboration for employees, clients and suppliers


SEO & Analytics
Search Engine Optimisation and traffic analysis for targeted marketing


Web Hosting
Reliable, fault resistant web hosting to support your business


Website Design
Build and develop your brand online

CMS - empower your business to take control of your website and its content.

A Content Management System, or CMS, is a web-based software solution  responsible for handling the content and structure of a website.

The term CMS covers a multitude of areas, but at a basic level, a CMS  empowers non-technical users to run, maintain and update websites  without needing advanced knowledge of web technologies such as HTML and  CSS.

For a lot of businesses, a CMS removes the reliance on a  service provider to continually update and maintain the website on their behalf. IT Services uk has many years experience designing and building websites that take advantage of the latest product offerings in the  content management field. We want to build websites that empower your  business, and the people who use them. The websites we build allow you  to control every element of the site, to update and manage content with  ease.

With years of experience building sites for our clients, we’ve worked with a range of CMS solutions, deployed across a number of industries.  Over that time, we’ve developed a comprehensive CMS offering based  around the best of breed systems available. Our range allows us to work  with you to choose to a system that best fits your business.

We also understand that sometimes a business might have requirements  that are significantly different from the norm. That’s why, backed up  with our extensive software development capabilities, we can build an  entirely bespoke offering built around your unique business needs.

eCommerce - with online sales showing year on year growth can you afford not to have an online presence?

eCommerce gives you the opportunity to create new sales channels, giving you access to an ever expanding customer base which helps you to  achieve growth and quick return on your investment.

There are many factors to consider when selecting your online offering. This includes having a unique place in the market, being able  to attract visitors by offering a pleasurable purchasing experience,  encouraging conversion of visitors to customers, optimising your search  and marketing coverage and retaining customer loyalty.

IT Services uk has been building eCommerce solutions for over 12  years, not only helping our customers to enter the marketplace, but also to enhance and expand their online business, while assisting them to  uncover new opportunities.

Portals & CollaborationPortals & Collaboration - harness the power of the latest web  technologies to empower your employees to communicate and work more  effectively.

Businesses increasingly rely on web-based communication solutions to  enable powerful, real time collaboration between employees, suppliers  and customers. These systems can greatly benefit your business by  enhancing your performance and effectiveness internally and transforming how you work with other organisations.

IT Services uk has years of experience working with businesses to  design, implement and deploy such systems. Our expertise in this area  gives us a unique insight into the many considerations and issues that  arise during these projects and we can help you develop a strategy and a solution that is enthusiastically adopted and brings real-world,  realisable benefits to your business.

SEOSearch Engine Optimisation and site traffic analysis position your company and brand for the best awareness and  visibility on the web.

Web Analytics

Any business needs to measure the effectiveness of how they  communicate with their customers, and look for ways to improve. Web  analytics allows a company to track a range of statistics on how people  use their website, how they find it, and at what point the user leaves.

Websites are not static entities. They will develop and grow with  your business. So too will the content, structure, and most importantly, the customers that use it. Web analytics is an essential part of  identifying growth trends, and spotting potential issues with the site.  Using this information, it is possible to monitor a vast range of  performance metrics:


Effectiveness of capturing and holding visitors


How many new potential clients are visiting the site


Where site visitors are from, and the topics that interest them


How do people find your site, and why they leave


What content on the site is the most popular, and why

IT Services uk offers Google Analytics integration for all our web-based offerings, meaning you can  carefully monitor how well your website is doing, and where improvements can be made. We can offer help and training in interpreting the large  amounts of data that can be collected, and discuss how best to develop  and improve your website for the future.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

All our sites are designed with search results in mind. We will  ensure that the site’s design, structure and code are optimised for  search engine success. We can also advise you on writing copy and other  techniques that will help your search engine ranking.

Web HostingWeb Hosting

IT Services uk provides a range of services to host your web  solutions. Our hosting solutions offer reliable, fault-tolerant web  hosting, giving you the peace of mind to know your website will always  be available for you and your customers.
Regardless of the size or scale of the project, IT Services uk can  provide the necessary hosting and hardware to support your system. We  have a number of hosting facilities available in-house, and partnerships with large-scale hosting providers should the need arise.

Whatever the requirement, we will ensure you receive the best solution for your business. Contact Us to find out more.

Web DesignWeb Design - integrate your existing or new branding directly into your site for maximum exposure.

It is important that your brand is accurately reflected in all your  web offerings, from public-facing websites and online stores, through to internal intranet systems for use by staff. These systems should help  push your brand identity out to a wider range of clients and suppliers,  while ensuring an excellent experience for the end users.

Our team of designers work directly alongside our development teams  to ensure your brand and design vision is reflected across every aspect  of your site. With years of experience in delivering websites that  accurately reflect and enhance client brands, we will work with you to  develop a concept and style in keeping with your company's core values.

Whatever your needs, our team of designers and developers will work with you to ensure your vision is realised.

What do now - Contact Us to see how we can help your business!

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